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PORTS, a fashion group, was founded in Toronto, Canada in 1961 by visionary entrepreneur, Luke Tanabe, who was one of the first to adopt the revolutionary jet set lifestyle. PORTS appealed to those who understood it was possible to travel, dream and work all at once: breakfast in the Sahara then dinner in New York. With this inner essence of “Global Soul, Urban Spirit,” PORTS soon became synonymous with cutting-edge fashion, design excellence and a free nomadic spirit. With well-crafted garments, modern silhouettes, perfect details and elegant style, PORTS has won the favor of distinguished public figures and elites around the world.The iconic "No. 10 Blouse," designed by Mr. Tanabe, was the piece that built the brand in the 60s and 70s in North America. With “less is more” engrained deep in the ethos of the brand, PORTS became known for its clean and minimalistic designs, keen attention to unique details, and impeccable craftsmanship. A PORTS outfit was an investment for timeless pieces in the wardrobe for seasons to come. Fashion passes, style remains.

Today, operating under various labels, including PORTS 1961, PortsPURE, PORTS V and Ports International, PORTS' global operations currently comprise of over 350 doors globally in Europe, USA, Hong Kong, Korea, China and Canada.

In the 21st century, Ports 1961 was created, reflecting the label’s roots and half a century of exploration of cultures and styles. Ports 1961 relocated its design base to Europe in 2011, first to Milan and then, in 2017, to London, reflecting the background of the creative director, Nataša Čagalj, but also the ideology of the label. A global hub and melting pot of cultures, London is the perfect home for Ports 1961 – less a base, more a window to the world. Not a final destination, but the start of the next journey

Launched in Fall 2015, PortsPURE fuses contemporary styling with luxe aesthetics. Trend driven yet with its own distinct design philosophy, PortsPURE defines the new, standalone wardrobe for today's urban woman.

Ports International is a luxury brand founded in Canada in 1961. Its designs embody elegance and timelessness and are made with the ultimate craftsmanship

Ports International has both womenswear and menswear collections and its products are sold in over 300 doors globally.